India’s Republic Day: Why You Should Care

A healthy Democratic and Republic India is important for the world, here is why you should care

Ilam Padmanabhan
3 min readJan 26, 2022
India is celebrating its Republic day — why you should care — Photo by Darshak Pandya from Pexels

It’s Republic day in India. India was under British rule for a long time and finally became free in 1947. They worked the next couple of years and signed a new constitution into existence on 26th Jan 1950 (called the Republic day).

Maybe you have no idea, or you don’t care. But I think you should care. (I use democracy and republic interchangeably. I do mean both — governments by elected representatives and the rule of law!)

Here’s why you should care:

India is the largest democracy in the world: This is a big deal. Almost one in every seven humans alive today is governed by its constitution. This is the biggest scale of the democracy experiment ever. And it is worth celebrating.

A problem in India is a problem for the world: If India cannot solve its problems, the world will have a lot of trouble. India and the world have many problems to solve — poverty, inequality, climate change, prevention of nuclear war, etc. A healthy democracy has a better chance of moving into the future with confidence.



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