Here’s How I’m doing After Moving Out Of Medium

Ranking on the first page of Google & beat 170+ million sites in 8 weeks

Ilam Padmanabhan


10K impressions in the less than 2 months

Let’s start with some numbers!

Over 90% of the websites never make it to the first page of Google.

Only 5.7% of them ranked in Google’s top 10 search results for at least one search query within a year of being published.

94.3% of pages didn’t get even a single visitor from Google.

I didn’t make this up — Ahrefs, the second most active crawler on the internet after Google says it!

Ahrefs study on traffic from Google

I now rank on the first page of Google for multiple keywords, in less than 8 weeks.

When I started out a couple of months ago, I was the 190th million ranked website in the world. A month ago, I beat 102 million websites in a month.

Today, I beat another 50 million sites to be ranked 22nd million ranked website. I’m still way off from beating Facebook (ranked at the top), but I’m getting there.

Why Is My Site Ranking Fast?

I beat 170 million websites in less than 8 weeks

I invested on education

I was writing a lot on Medium. A lot — 165 days in a row! I focused on quality content, without compromising on quantity.

And I was persistent — I wasn’t going to give up that easily!

And then I stopped! I burnt out.

It was a good thing. It made me think about my content strategy, and what I needed to do differently.

I shopped around a lot, researched a lot. I eventually took the bait and signed up to a paid course to learn the science and business of blogging.

It cost over $1400+ and it came with a 14 day refund. My strategy was simple — I’d learn as much as possible within 14 days, and then ask for my money back anyway!



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